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Incentive Travel Services

Naterow Africa’s Incentive Travel Solutions was founded on the principle of providing a unique and unforgettable travel experience for every client. Inspiring your team is a monumental challenge that is vital to the long-term success of your business. We understand this and look forward to the opportunity of creating the ultimate incentive travel program for your specific needs.

An incentive travel program that actually drives growth is about more than just a cool vacation or hot-spot destination. Far more.

It’s about engaging your people—before, during and after your event—with authentic, powerful experiences that inspire peak performance and a lasting connection with your brand. We draw on 9+ years of crafting corporate experiences to bring your incentive travel strategy to life. Year after year, Naterow Group brings sales incentive trips to life for our clients.. With unmatched service and amazing incentive travel destinations, we deliver outstanding results for you and your participants.

Intriguing Destinations

Coupled with creative itineraries and complete budget projections, our destination proposals are comprehensive event plans. Each proposed destination is inclusive of events tailored to the specific dynamics of your company. Travel expertise combined with extensive knowledge of resorts and hotels allows Incentive Travel Solutions to offer a variety of destination proposals to choose from. Once an intriguing destination has been designed, we work closely with the client-contact to develop a destination-specific program theme.

Great Hotel Offers

Naterow Incentive Travel Solutions negotiates with the hotel for the best possible room rates, food and beverage prices, deposit requirements and attrition/cancellation policies and schedules.  Sleeping room requirements will be continually monitored leading up to program operation.  Accordingly and after consultation with the client, instructions are given to increase or decrease the size of the group room block.  Incentive Travel Solutions stays in constant contact with the hotel as we manage attrition timelines.

On-site Staff

The best-made plans still require management in order to guarantee success. Naterow Incentive Travel Solutions management and Travel Directors are on site to oversee every detail of your incentive event. Always professional and courteous, our travel experts are dedicated to customer care and the art of incentive travel. Our travel staff understands that each program is unique, and that every aspect of each event requires the highest level of responsiveness.


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