Uganda is considered a top Africa safari destination because of its jewel in the rain forest jungle, the mountain gorilla. Uganda protects the largest population of mountain gorillas in the world, about more than half of the world’s 1008 mountain gorillas found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park in the great Virunga volcanoe region.

Seeing these mighty primates is reward to human imagination, attracting millions of travelers from around the world with adventurous curiosity. This alone makes us want to tell you more about these apes. so let’s dig in.


The African safari vacation tours listed here go to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya's Masai Mara, are all-inclusive and can be customized for your budget and style of vacation travel. Talk to our Uganda safari experts to help you put together a Family Africa Safari, Gorilla Trekking Adventure or Wildlife Viewing Tour Holiday.

Capture the spirit of East Africa through Uganda

Spark imagination, reward the senses, stimulate the intellect and enliven the spirit. Book a Uganda Safari today!

Uganda is endowed with a unique combination of tourist attractions you may never find anywhere in the world, comprising of unique jungle inhabitants like the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, abundant wildlife in natural Savannah habitats, scenic beauty and a geographically diverse landscape.

Uganda's varied experiences and facilities offer opportunities to tailor make holidays to meet and exceed needs and expectations of different tourists and budgets. Tourists may also choose to take advantage of either the shoulder, off peak or peak seasons. Additionally, tourists have a choice of wide range of Uganda safaris packages sold as country or multi East Africa country destinations giving you the best value for money.

Our Uganda Safaris and tour packages are carefully designed based on the history we've had with previous travellers and we take keen understanding in the destinations and facilities we chose to take guest. We're flexible when it comes to crafting a tour to fit your style. Take a look at these one bellow and contact our Uganda safaris Expert Team to help you start planning you African Safari today.

Why Chose Uganda Safaris

Uganda, 'The Pearl of Africa', stranddles the Equator and embraces the shores of the World's largest inland lake, the mighty Lake Victoria. Host to the source of the mighty Nile River at Jinja. Uganda is also home to more than half of the last remaining 1000 mountain gorillas and one of the most ancient volcanoes on earth: Mount Elgon. Prestine and still largely undiscovered, Uganda promises a vibrant tapestry of diverse vistas against a backdrop of sparkling lakes, islands, rivers, falls and rain forests.

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